UK Swiss Replica Omega CK2998 Speedmaster Limited Edition

Patek, Lange, and even Jaeger-LeCoultre are decidedly more haute horology than not, with price tags not for the faint of heart. Luckily, pulsation scales can also be found on luxury fake watches that were merely destined for outer space. Starting in the ’60s, AAA fake Omega UK began offering the option of a pulsation scale bezel on Speedmasters in place of the more familiar tachymeter.

In modern form, this has been perhaps best executed in the perfect replica Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Limited Edition from 2018. This particular limited edition is so successful because it’s not faithful to any particular vintage Speedmaster (though, to be clear, some of those have been very successful too), but simply a modern 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster that’s designed to look good. The silver dial and black subdials are of course a classic pairing evoking our bamboo-eating brethren, but the red chronograph hand and “Speedmaster” text give it a completely modern feel. Meanwhile, the pulsation scale on the bezel means there’s more black compared to a typical tachymeter, giving it a slightly bolder look.

Of course, this Speedy was limited to 2,998 pieces in 2018, when its MSRP was $5,850. Nowadays, secondary prices can be nearly double that, but if your heart longs for one, at least they can be found with some patience. For more on the high quality replica Omega CK2998 Limited Edition from 2018, check out our original Hands-On.

P.S., I would’ve loved to include the Swiss movement fake Omega Museum Collection “MD’s Chronograph”, a 2010 limited edition of 1938 pieces, but opted for the CK2998 as one slightly less likely to induce heartburn trying to find and afford.

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