UK Swiss Made Replica Omega Speedmaster ‘Alaska Project’

1969 was a cornerstone year for chronographs. Zenith, Heuer, and Seiko became the first brands to release an automatic chronograph to the public, and just a few months later the world watched as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to step foot on the moon with their perfect replica Omega Speedmaster watches.

It was also the year the luxury fake Omega UK developed a very different kind of Speedmaster made to withstand extreme environments that NASA Astronauts might be subjected to on future missions. These prototypes were codenamed ‘Alaska’ and represented the bleeding edge of material engineering, and would set the tone for a new generation of aaa quality replica watches.

The results of the Alaska project watches were varied, but they have since gained legendary status of the ideas they put forth, and for how they would influence the future development of the Speedmaster family. In 2008, Swiss movement replica Omega released a limited edition Alaska Project Speedmaster in celebration of its history, complete with the red ‘radiation’ shield . The modern rendition of the watch keeps the white dial and rocket shaped totalizer hands, with a clean, almost chic, representation of its functions. This aaa quality fake Omega UK, available from our freinds at Wind Vintage, retains all of its original case lines, and is presented as a full kit.

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