1990s UK Swiss Replica Omega Speedmaster Reduced Schumacher Cart Edition Ref. 3510.80.00

Michael Schumacher has a lot of top quality replica watches associated with his name. Rightly so, as he’s one of the most legendary race car drivers to have ever gotten behind the wheel. So much so that you can find a listing for every watch to ever come in a perfect fake Omega Speedmaster reduced case referred to as a “Schumacher.” I understand why – the guy has massive appeal, and he’s how a lot of folks found out about this form factor of aaa quality replica Omegas UK racing watch. Released in 1988, the reduced didn’t get its association with the winningest racer until ’96 when he was awarded two limited editions in his name, one red and one yellow, to honor his presence on the Ferrari team. There was a third colorful top super clone Omega Speedmaster introduced that year as well.

The cheap fake Omega Speedmaster Automatic Cart Racing with a blue dial and CART racing logo at six o’clock. These three pieces were launched all at the same time, at the same event, all at Michael Schumacher’s cart racing track. The red and yellow super clone watches for sale are attributed to Michael Schumacher by the brand however, I can’t find anything from them calling the blue watch a Schumacher Speedmaster.

There’s more racing history to be found in association with this Swiss movement replica Omega UK. Way back in 2016, we covered a sale of one of these watches right here. As it turns out, for Christmas of 1997 Paul Newman, yes, that Paul Newman, ordered a batch of these watches to be gifted to his and Carl Haas racing team. The Swiss copy watches gifted to the team were all engraved with the team name and the year. I don’t think it’s been confirmed exactly how many of these pieces were ordered, but it’s worth keeping an eye out, as it seems these may turn up for sale eventually. While this best quality fake watch isn’t one of those very provenance-filled pieces, you can check this very similar one right here.

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