UK Best 1:1 Replica Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project 2008

Well, I tried on the new best 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster Professional today, and concluded my contemplation with a resounding YES: it is really that different, and the bracelet is sublime. I need one. This Speedmaster here, however, will only be found if you do some patient waiting and deep research on Chrono24 or an auction. The 2008 re-edition of the Alaska Project is one of the strangest Omega Speedmasters replica for sale around, and that white-out dial is hypnotizing. Read Robert-Jan’s fascinating story here, and I dare you to not want one of these, if only for its mythical tale.

I’ll leave that for RJ to tell you, and concentrate on the crispy-cool white of this baby. Deltawing fighter jets inhabit the registers, and a searingly bright red chronograph seconds hand makes for a wholly unusual visual dynamic. The recessed registers look like circular footprints (lunar lander feet?) in the snow. As if the AAA fake Omega UK design team spent years researching the brightest white tone, the details seem to lift clean off the dial. Such is the clarity with which it imbues the classic Moonwatch. Swiss made replica Omega only made 1970 examples, but be patient, and you’ll have one of the coolest #arcticwhite Speedmasters around. I can’t take my eyes off it and have started my search.

The North Face Aconcagua down jacket
Imagine wearing the Swiss movement replica Omega Alaska Project Speedy and this warm yet urban jacket from The North Face. It might not be expedition-ready for €200, but it is blindingly polar white and looks terrific with the grey details. For that perfectionist look, find yourself a quality gray NATO for that crisp Alaska Speedy. And yes, you will find the cheap copy Omega UK as long as you persevere. Rock this look at a GTG, and your name will be written in RedBar lore for all time.

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