Luxury Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches Online UK

A few weeks ago something amazing happened in Geneva. A 1957 reference 2915-1 best quality fake Omega Speedmaster was sold by Phillips for an incredible sum; a cool 3.1 million Swiss Francs, making it far and away the most expensive Omega Speedmaster replica UK ever sold at auction. What makes this result even more remarkable is that it hadn’t been to space.

After all, the story of manned space flight is the underlying beat behind the story of the Speedy, a tale which elevates this manually wound chronograph into the realm of ‘icon’. And while the history of the AAA fake Omega Speedmaster is long and varied, its fame rests on a single pivotal moment in time, when it was worn on the wrists of the Apollo 11 astronauts and became, according to that famous caseback inscription; the first best 1:1 replica Omega worn on the moon, or, more popularly, The Moonwatch.

Speedmaster Origins

While it was the moon that made the watch famous, the Swiss made fake Omega Speedmaster story predates its journey into space by a good few years. Not that it was initially intended for such extra-atmosphere explorations. In fact, Omega released the first generation Speedmaster — reference CK2915 — in 1957, alongside the brand’s other two distinguished tool copy watches online, the Seamaster 300 and the Railmaster.

The earliest incarnations of the Speedy (as it’s affectionately referred to) was intended as a wrist-computer, where the stop-watch functionality combined with the tachymeter scale meant that the cheap replica Omega Speedmaster was designed as a purposeful tool, built with precision in mind, be that on the track, in the lab or the cockpit.

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