Why I Bought This 1952 UK Perfect Replica Omega Constellation

In 1948, Swiss replica Omega introduced the Centenary to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company’s establishment. Notably, the Centenary was Omega’s very first chronometer-certified automatic wristwatch. Only 6,000 of those watches were produced in total.
1952 — The introduction of the Constellation
It was so successful, though, that 1:1 fake Omega UK decided to develop a similar collection that was suitable for production on a larger scale. In 1952, the Constellation debuted as a new family in the Omega lineup next to the already-existing Seamaster. Like the Centenary, the Omega Constellation replica watches online were all chronometer-certified watches.

A family affair
The Constellation plays a role in my family history, and as such, I have always had an interest in this particular collection. My first serious watch was an AAA fake Omega Constellation that my mother gave me in 1998. I was about to leave home to study in another city, and my mom knew I was in love with this watch. She bought one for herself and me, and mine accompanied me to the new life I started in The Hague. These super clone models (Constellation ’95 series) were very different from the ones from the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s. Nevertheless, I liked them, and I still do.

Constellations from the 1960s
Just recently, I discovered that my great-grandfather (that’s right) bought his perfect fake Omega Constellation reference 167.005 in August of 1966. He was 85 years old, and it’s quite amazing to think that one would decide to buy an expensive watch at that age. Then, in February of 1969, my grandparents also bought two luxury Omega replica watches. My grandmother picked a ladies’ watch in gold on a Milanese bracelet, and my grandfather bought a Constellation 168.010, also on a Milanese bracelet. A few years later, probably in 1971, he swapped the Milanese bracelet for the custom-made gold bracelet seen above. He did so because the Milanese bracelet had sharp edges that would rip the cuffs on his shirts. He wore that watch every single day from 1969 onward.

My dad also received his first 1:1 replica Omega in 1969 for his graduation. It was an Omega Genève with a black dial and a red seconds hand. It wasn’t until sometime in the ’80s when his grandfather had already been gone quite a few years that he found the Constellation 167.005 at his father’s house.
At that point, the watch was about to be disposed of. It had stopped working and had gotten moisture inside the movement, and high end replica watches didn’t have much value in those days anyway. Thankfully, my dad took it to the local watchmaker, who restored it and brought it back to life. I remember my dad mainly wearing his Swiss made copy Omega Genève and, on some days, the Constellation from his grandfather.

When my grandfather passed away in 2011, I inherited the cheap fake Omega Constellation that he bought in 1969. I wear it on Christmas, and it always reminds me of him. It’s my connection to him, so to speak. I was very fond of him, even though he was incredibly deaf and, as a result, difficult to talk to.
So the Constellation has been in my family since 1966, and somehow, it is one of my favorite watch lines. When I received my Swiss movement replica Omega Constellation (reference 1212.10) in 1998, I realized its design had little in common with the pie-pan model from my great-grandfather or the one from my grandfather. What it did have in common was the same place of birth in Biel and the pride and effort that top super clone Omega put into these watches.

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