Vintage Patek Philippe Replica Watches UK For Sale This Season You’re Probably Not Paying Attention To

Remember vintage replica watches uk? Yeah, me neither, really. While the world has turned its attention to late-model watches, I thought it was high time to take a look at some of the most interesting old fake watches online that I’m keeping an eye on this fall from across the auction houses. Jack did a very nice write-up of the Phillips sale earlier this week, and Logan talked about the whole week here, but something about the fall auction season that makes me want to get back into the game myself. So let’s pretend it’s 2017 and look at 10 lots that I’m watching over the next few weeks.

Fake Patek Philippe 1463 Retailed By Tiffany & Co. – Lot 78 at Phillips

There’s no question that the eyes will be on all four Dufours at Phillips – and the Langes, and the Journes – but don’t sleep on Aurel Bacs & Co’s ability to pull out some fascinating, under-the-radar vintage fake watches for sale. Jack mentioned the steel 6062, which I think is a super-compelling watch in that it’s an unknown example of arguably one of the most desirable references in the most desirable metals and it’s seemingly incredibly honest (not something I can say about most steel 6062s), but a watch that I think people should be paying attention to is number 78 – a Swiss made replica Patek Philippe reference 1463 chronograph, retailed by Tiffany.

The 1463 is absolutely one of the best deals in vintage watches going. It’s a water-proof (read as “beefy”), hand-wound chronograph from AAA quality fake Patek Philippe UK! And in yellow gold, they sell for less than a 5711A! I have owned a handful of cheap replica Patek Philippe over my collecting career and they are just wonderful – elegant but with real presence on the wrist, hand-wound for that vintage charm but completely easy to live with lacking those pesky perpetual calendar windows.

This particular luxury 1:1 fake Patek Philippe is interesting in that it’s signed by Tiffany & Co – and is a very late production watch (something I’ve studied carefully, as I also own a brother watch just 12 case numbers away). The estimate is CHF 120,000 to 180,000 which is a very honest estimate – and I’m not saying these should be worth more, but these should be worth more. Have a look at this yellow gold high quality copy Patek Philippe signed by Tiffany here.

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