UK Swiss Made Fake Omega Constellation 168.010

This last watch in my five-watch collection is, coincidentally, another perfect replica Omega. It could have been from any other watch brand, but I reserved this spot for an heirloom piece, which happens to be an Omega. On the other hand, that’s also why I am so fond of this brand. There is a bit of family history here, starting with my great-grandfather, who bought a cheap fake Omega Constellation in August 1966, when he was already in his 80s. Then, his son, my grandfather, bought this Constellation on February 6th, 1969.

Constellations run in the family
My father also got an aaa quality replica Omega UK (later in 1969) and now owns his grandfather’s Constellation (ref. CD167.005, pictured above), and I own my grandfather’s Constellation. Initially, it came on a gold Milanese Omega bracelet, but the sides were so incredibly sharp that they tore up the cuffs of his dress shirts. In the early 1970s, he exchanged the Milanese bracelet for this extremely comfortable gold link bracelet at his retailer. I also still have this super clone watch’s original papers with my grandfather’s name and address on them.

It is one of the UK high quality replica watches that means the most to me, but it can sometimes be a burden to keep something like this in my collection. I also realize that it is meaningful to me but not to my daughter. Consequently, I will be the last generation in my family to wear it and take care of it, I guess. Until my time with it is over, I’ll continue to wear it on special occasions or days, such as Christmas or his birthday.

As for the watch, it’s a gold-capped Swiss movement replica Omega Constellation reference 168.010. “Gold-capped” means that it’s a steel base with a solid gold shell. The attached bracelet is solid gold and suits the watch nicely. This top super clone Omega Constellation 168.010 was also called the “Constellation II Deluxe Calendar,” probably due to the use of onyx for the hour markers and the quickset-date caliber 56 inside.

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