UK Best Quality Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

The Planet Ocean is an extension of the highly popular 1:1 fake Omega Seamaster collection from the venerable watch manufacturer from Biel/Bienne. Launched in 2005, the perfect replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean features a more contemporary aesthetics with bolder colours and typically larger case dimensions. It is also built more robustly, with water resistance of up to 600m in depth (as compared to the typical 300m that we have seen in most divers’ fake watches for sale uk).

This is actually quite an interesting choice, as we thought that the standard luxury fake Omega Seamaster Diver 300 or Seamaster 300 would have been the more obvious choice for Meta AI. Nonetheless, we are happy to see the Swiss movement copy Omega Planet Ocean getting some recognition, and it is certainly a great addition to any collection – especially if one is looking for a relatively more modern-looking timepiece. Prices of the base 39.5mm UK cheap super clone Omega Planet Ocean begin at S$10,250.

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