UK Best Fake OMEGA’s New James Bond Seamaster Plays a Film on its Caseback

For watch fans, a pivotal point came in the ’90s with the release of GoldenEye. Pierce Brosnan’s chiselled Bond ditched the one-liners in favour of a more serious demeanour – a good choice, as Fleming’s original Bond was based on military men he’d worked with in the Naval Intelligence Division. Costume designer Lindy Hemming then suggested that, as a naval man, Bond would have most likely worn an aaa fake Omega watch. She didn’t pull this idea out of thin air – OMEGA did supply the UK’s Ministry of Defence with 110,000 watches in World War II and a famous batch of Seamaster models in 1967. From that point perfect replica OMEGA UK and Bond have been inseparable, with the British spy’s watch getting him out of numerous scrapes – remember in GoldenEye when Bond used his Seamaster’s laser to cut an escape hatch in the floor of a train?

Now we’re not saying these latest releases have metal-melting lasers, but luxury super clone OMEGA has taken that iconic Seamaster 300 as the base for these anniversary editions. It’s a well-established design and we’ve recently seen the actual Seamaster 300 that Daniel Craig wore in No Time to Die sell at Christie’s for a staggering GBP 226,800.

What makes the cheap fake OMEGA Seamaster 300 such a special watch? Aside from the authenticity of OMEGA’s use by the Royal Navy, the Seamaster is successful on a number of fronts. Like Bond, it blends rugged functionality with tasteful styling. This new special edition continues that theme with a comfortably sized stainless steel case, a crown that is protected by crown guards and a helium release valve at 10 o’clock.

The distinctive bezel features a deep blue oxalic anodized aluminium insert and 1:1 copy watches geeks will notice the commemorative 60 at the top of the dial replacing the usual triangle insert. The dial, with its laser-engraved waves, is reassuringly familiar as are the hands and simple markers.

So far, the high quality fake Omega Seamaster 60 Years of James Bond delivers what we’d expect from the Swiss watchmaker’s signature dive watch. But the real star of the show is hidden, which seems fitting for a spy’s watch. Turn this beauty over and you’re presented with an eye-catching tribute to the Bond movies. Using what is known as “moiré” effect animation, the rear of the watch recreates the opening scene from Bond’s movies. Bond moves in silhouette as the copy watch ticks – this being achieved through a link with the second hand. It’s a unique feature and took some clever innovation and modification of the Calibre 8806 movement.

We’d noted earlier that Bond has a more colourful and playful side and the Canopus Gold variation captures that beautifully. Inspired by Ian Fleming’s Jamaican estate, this Swiss movement copy Omega adds Caribbean flair to the mix. It has the same 42mm case, and a similar Calibre 8807 movement, but it’s crafted from Canopus Gold – an exclusive white gold alloy. The stunning bezel colour is achieved by the use of diamonds in 10 tropical shades, and again, the rear of the watch boasts the stunning Bond animation.
James Bond is a complex character and to celebrate 60 years of Bond movies Swiss made replica Omega UK has released two unique editions of the Seamaster 300, a watch indelibly linked to the fictional character. Launched in London, the home of MI6, and with the most recent Bond – Daniel Craig – in attendance, the new top super clone Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 60 Years of James Bond is a fitting tribute to a movie icon.

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