These ’90s Omega Speedmasters Replica Watches UK Are Worth Getting Revved Up About

The UK perfect fake Omega Speedmaster Reduced gets a bad rap for its ever-so-slightly-off proportions and finicky automatic movement. For a long time, it’s been ignored by collectors (myself included) and therefore relatively inexpensive to pick up. I figured if I’m going for a Omega Speedmaster replica for sale, it might as well be the professional model.

But there is one specific series of luxury fake Omega Speedmaster Reduced watches that always caught my attention, and those are the models associated with F1 legend Michael Schumacher. Dozens of iterations of the Speedmaster Reduced have been made with his involvement, and they all boast at least one design detail that’s either loud or interesting, sometimes both.

While the case is downsized to 39mm from the usual 42mm of the professional, Swiss made replica Omega UK turned the personality up to 11 for the Schumacher Speedies. Such an outsized legend deserves a well-executed watch.

Below are totally out-there ’90s high quality fake Omega Speedmaster Reduced References connected to one of the greatest F1 drivers to have ever competed. Even without the Schumacher connection, they’re still visually fascinating and represent a forgotten era of the Speedmaster that was simply glorious. And the best part about them? They haven’t gotten ludicrously expensive. You can find these top quality replica watches in the range of $3,000-$4,500.

Omega Speedmaster Racing 3518.50.00
You can trace this Schumacher Speedy model’s roots back to the era of the caliber 321 Speedy with the Swiss movement fake Omega reference 145.012-67 in the late ’50s, the first model to inject the color red into the seconds track on the dial. Later in the caliber 861 era, from the ’60s onwards, we saw the 145.022-69 boast maroon and orange in the seconds track along with the Speedmaster Mk II “Racing,” and then finally in 2004, the Japan-only cheap replica Omega Speedmaster Racing edition that recalled the dial from the MK II of the ’70s. All these racing edition models command big bucks now, but this Speedy Reduced is the affordable way into the racing dial world.

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