Forget About The Moonwatch… The UK Hand-Wound Swiss Replica Omega Speedmaster 57 Has Plenty to Offer!

I know… The title is voluntarily a bit provocative. In the world of watches, it’ll be hard to forget about the cheap fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. It simply is one of the most emblematic and historically-important watches ever made by Swiss replica Omega UK, and by extension, the whole industry. And the latest version of the Moonwatch, the Master Chronometer Calibre 3861, is one of the best chronographs on the market. Period! However, not everybody will be attracted by this watch. Without denying the qualities of the classic Speedy, there are multiple reasons for someone to prefer something else, something different, something less consensual. Enters the Hand-Wound Omega Speedmaster 57 Chronograph Co-Axial Master Chronometer 40.5mm. And if it has the name perfect fake Omega Speedmaster printed on its dial, it certainly is a completely different take on the collection and one that has serious arguments too.

For many decades now, the 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster collection has been dominated by the Professional version, also known as the Moonwatch, a watch that has barely changed (design-wise, at least) since the late 1960s and that has become a proper icon over the years. Surely, the specifications have been drastically upgraded recently, with the introduction of the AAA copy Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Master Chronometer in early 2021, coinciding with the launch of a brand new movement – finally equipped with a Co-Axial escapement, finally chronometer-rated and now also anti-magnetic. Next to this cheap fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional, there’s long been a collection of watches named Speedmaster too, but not entirely true to the original concept of the space-exploring model. We’ve seen reduced automatic watches in the 1990s, strong design evolutions in the 1970s with the Mark series, or enlarged automatic versions too. But none of them really managed to match the fame of the Moonwatch. Even if virtually unchanged for 50 years and obsolete on some technical levels (at least until 2021), that’s how strong the aura of the Professional model has remained…

However, with all due respect for the Moonwatch, it can’t achieve unanimity. Tastes and colours… There are watch enthusiasts that are simply not attracted by the classic Speedy. Not everybody has to love this watch. Design, looks, and historical background are subjective matters and people react differently to them. Hence why Swiss movement replica Omega has long created variations around the Speedmaster concept to attract different customers. In this market for the non-Moonwatch Speedmasters, there’s been one interesting watch launched in 2013, the Speedmaster 57.

While the Moonwatch was always powered by a hand-wound movement, there were two different automatic Omega Speedmaster fake for sale in the collection recently. First was the Speedmaster Racing and its 44.25mm case, and then was the Speedmaster 57 housed in a 41.5mm case, with the same automatic, integrated, modern Co-Axial chronograph movement. If the watch was certainly very well equipped, beautifully crafted and overall nicely designed, it somehow failed to convince and remained in the shadows of the Omega Moonwatch replica online UK. The combination of a larger, thicker case with a contemporary automatic calibre, and on the other side a vintage-inspired design was probably not perfectly balanced. There was room for improvement, and this is exactly the reason why top copy Omega has this year drastically updated the Speedmaster 57 Chronograph.

Smaller, thinner, more refined, hand-wound… many aspects of the luxury fake Omega Speedmaster 57 have changed this year, to the point of not being an evolution of the collection, but an entirely new watch. Sure, the look is close to what we’ve seen from 2013 to 2021. But breaking down the specification sheet, you’ll see that not a single part has been kept. Everything is new. And, if I must be honest, everything is now much more attractive. To the point where some potential clients could strongly hesitate between this ’57 and the Moonwatch. Of course, hardcore aficionados won’t be facing this choice and will directly run on the Pro model, but for a more mainstream typology of clients, who could be attracted by some vintage appeal, the competition can definitely exist. And, looking at the Omega Speedmaster 57 copy Paypal, there are strong reasons to hesitate.

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